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Tell me – WHY do we tolerate being so unhappy for soooo long?

In July 2016 I was burnt out after working in my university job for almost 5 years, with a micro-managing boss and a political landscape that dragged my creative soul down like a lead weight.

Don’t get me wrong – I loved my colleagues, and the income I was earning. But they couldn’t stop the small voice inside me that was telling me there was more. I ignored that voice for 2 years until the day I had an anxiety attack in my office cubical. I felt like I was suffocating. I left early, took the bus home and then stared at my bedroom wall for 3 hours.

I handed in my resignation the next day.

No job lined up to go to.


I was so used to clinging to a good steady paycheck out of fear that there was nothing bigger or better out there for me.

To actually stare that fear in the face and leave anyway was incredibly freeing (and scary as hell).

So I went travelling, doing some volunteer work on permaculture farms and spent some time in Mexico and Cuba doing salsa!

That time off work gave me time to stop and reflect. I woke up to the harsh reality that  I’d spent the majority of my adult life going along with someone else’s’ plans. I’d made other people’s acceptance and approval of me way more important than my own desire – which was to create a powerful business and life that stood for something more than just a paycheck.  But I didn’t know HOW to create such a business, and I didn’t know WHO to turn to for help.

Come March 2017 I was unemployed, single and bordering on broke. I was 34 with very little to show for my life other than a life of depression and anxiety in exchange for ‘fitting in’ and ‘security’.

I was at the point where I had enough of the pain. I was sick of not fulfilling the friggin potential that I KNEW was inside me.

So I started looking for more. 

Then, in March 2017 – I found the SFM education and community! They helped me face my so-called ‘limitations’, and take full responsibility for all aspect of my life. This business is like a training ground for me to become a better, fully expressed version of myself. I can’t begin to describe how this community and education has shifted the way I see myself and the value I can bring to others.

So, yes I am an affiliate marketer, but I see myself as so much more! I specialise in helping people who are ready to leave a life of limitation and create a thriving online business that helps countless others realise their own potential.

Does it take work? Yes.

Is it worth it? Hell, yes.

If you want more information about the steps I took to get started, then sign up for this complimentary 7 Day video series, where my wonderful mentor Stuart will show you how this whole affiliate marketing thing works!

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