Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

You trudge to work day every day with a feeling of anxiety and dread.

You sit in your cubicle bored out of your brain.

Your micro-managing boss doesn’t trust you to do your job, so there’s no real growth for you.

You go through the motions day after day, week after week. Months slip by without you feeling any real sense of achievement or progress in your work.

You tell yourself that you can tolerate the job because the money is great and you’d be stupid to give that up….

But really, on the inside, you KNOW that there has to be more to life than this.

I know that feeling – that was me about a year ago.


If you said yes to any of the points above – your comfort zone is killing you, my friend.

You’ve ditched growth, curiosity and fulfilment for a fat pay check.

That was me, too. I kept ignoring the voice inside me that said I wanna do my own thing.

See the thing is, humans are not meant to flatline. When we’re bored, depressed or anxious in our work, it’s usually because we are not growing or progressing.

You can tolerate it for a while – a few years even. That’s what I did.

Until the day I had a panic attack in my office cubicle, hyperventilating behind my desk one afternoon.

After that experience, I asked myself if that paycheck was really worth it.  

I decided it wasn’t.

So, I took the leap and quit my job. I opened myself up to a number of opportunities – some of which I never knew was possible… like the online business I have just started almost one year later!

Is it challenging? Hell yes! Do I feel like crapping my pants most days of the week? Definitely!

But every day I’m progressing towards the business and freedom I have always wanted, supported by a community who have my back every step of the way.

I’m not saying you should go and quit your job. I’m saying that we humans are not meant to be stagnant!

We choose a ‘meh’ existence to avoid the uncertainty and potential failure that comes with pursuing something we really want….

But on the flip side, we cut out the potential for success, growth and fulfilment.

Jay Shetty’s video sums this up perfectly – just watch it.

It’s a good wake up call. In the sedated flatline state of the comfort zone, you know you’re not really living. Truly living life means having the courage to accept the ups and downs of what comes.

I’ve learnt from running my own online business how important community is in helping me navigate the choppy waters of online entrepreneurship. We are not meant to be islands.

My mentors helped me start on my journey and gave me the courage to live life on my terms. What’s something you have been longing to accomplish that’s out of your comfort zone? Leave a comment!

Karena xx