The dollar amount you need to move from Employment to Entrepreneurship.

You’ve heard the stories of those digital entrepreneurs making $40K a month doing 2 hours per day of work.

You’ve witnessed their videos on Facebook – montage shots of them jet setting around the world sipping pinacoladas.

You’ve seen them sitting in fields of flowers with their laptops, laughing at the sky in careless abandon. I mean, sheesh – if you were making $40K per month, wouldn’t you be doing the same?

And while many of them are legitimately successful, here’s a piece advice I want to give you right now, if you are wanting to move from employment to entrepreneurship.

Don’t be one of those people who infatuates with the dollar figure.

So many people decide to start an online business because they are sick of their job and want more freedom, fulfillment and fun in their lives. And most of all – they want more money.

Someone on 4K a month in their job starts an online business and begins obsessing with making $40K per month online.

They waft along in a fantasy land and feel discouraged when they haven’t seen the cold hard cash rolling in after 6 weeks of concerted effort and vision board meditations.

So what to do they do? Then they throw in the towel, and exclaim – this doesn’t work!

Please don’t let that be you.

If you really want to see long-term sustainable change, then it takes TIME and EFFORT.

I still can’t believe people think there is a big red shiny button you can push that will spit out money, without any effort or investment involved or value given in exchange.

Want 40K per month? Great! But start with a smaller goal. Like replacing your current income.

Get really grounded and clear on the dollar amount you actually NEED to either go part-time or quit your unfulfilling job.

Take into account all of your expenses and outgoings.

Notice I said the dollar amount that you NEED. Not what you would LIKE…

If the goal is to leave your job ASAP, then work out what you NEED to do that.

That dollar amount should not be including your expensive dinners out or your steadily growing shoe collection.

If you want to achieve the goal of leaving your job sooner rather than later – then make it easier for yourself. Cut back on unnecessary spending in the short term.

Give yourself a realistic sum you can track and work towards.

For me that amount is $3600 per month after tax and advertising expenses. That’s all I need to live off (and if I’m really honest, I could probably do it on $3400).

That’s a basic lifestyle, but it’s all I need to leave my job! It’s pretty exciting when you work out that number – it seems realistic and also trackable.

Don’t start out working towards a goal of $40K per month – it will freak you out. And anyway, once you quit your job you will have more time to grow and scale your business!

People who obsess with the lifestyle and the money usually end up making no progress, because they are not operating in reality.

They expect the universe to all of a sudden gift them with a crap ton of money, simply because they visualised at $40K paycheck in their mail box, and posted some ads.

Want to transition from your J.O.B? Are you serious about moving from employment to entrepreneurship?

Get REAL about what you actually need to do that, and start taking action TODAY…

Need some help working out your dollar amount?

Use this calculator to get you on track and start moving forward today!

And as always – reach out to me if you need accountability or help getting on track with your goals!

There’s absolutely no reason you should tolerate a career you dislike, when the information and opportunities you need to make a change are  right at your very fingertips.

K xx

Karena Thomas