“If want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Thomas Jefferson.

One thing I’ve realised about building a business online, is that it shines a light directly on undealt with fear and murky beliefs that are not in line with what we want to create in the world.

Challenges arise all the time, which call us to step up and become someone greater, more courageous and committed.

The best way to speed up your results is to determine the areas of your life that make you contract, hide or procrastinate on the most – and face them head on.

You know you are contracting when faced with a challenge – our bodies will signal it to us.

Tight jaw, clenched stomach, feelings of anxiety all signaling that there is a strong current of energy that is not being allowed to flow.

The bigger the contraction, the bigger the resistance and more energy it takes from our supply.

Which is a problem if you are like me, working full time and building a business online in your spare time… You kind of need all the energy you can get!

So how do we actually take these perceived obstacles on?

Here’s a 5-step process I am currently using to deal with my fear. I’ll share with you a real life example from my own life, that I am facing right now.

1. Name the thing you are resisting – what you are contracting about?


I am about to start advertising on Facebook. I feel very resistant about it – I have fear of putting myself out there in this way. I’ve never done this before and I feel uncomfortable.

2. Bring awareness to the resistance.


When I think about FB advertising, right now – I can feel my whole stomach contract about this challenge and it feels like my face is up against a wall, and I cannot see what’s behind it. A part of me wants to hide and a part of me is judging myself for being afraid.

3. Allow the discomfort.


I feel comforted – better to have trapped energy than none at all! I hold space for the discomfort, instead of beating myself up or running. I allow the discomfort and trust that wisdom is on the other side for me.

4. Share your insight with others.


I’m writing this blog post, because sharing with others allows my discoveries to sink in deeper whist benefiting others.

5. Define the next step you need to take.


– I need to continue posting on my Facebook page this week some valuable content, so  FB knows my page is legit.

– Write an ad.

– Launch ad by next weekend.

And that’s it!

Tell me – what you are contracting about it your life – are you committed to facing it head on? Leave a comment – and I’m always happy to chat if you need support!

Karena xx