Give yourself permission to re-create your life


I have an inkling about you…

You’re different.

How on Earth could I possibly know this?

I mean, we’ve never even met!


I know this, because you’re reading this blog post.

You were looking for something. And ended up here.

What were you looking for?

Can I have a guess??!

10 bucks says it’s Permission.

How do I know this?

Well first of all, the title says “Give yourself permission to re-create your life.”

So I put 2 + 2 together 🙂

The bad news is…

I’m sorry to say it, but – I can’t give you permission lovely.

What do you need the permission for?

Gosh, we’re not in school any more.

Remember school? We had to:

Ask permission to go to the bathroom, go home sick, climb over the fence to get the ball.

Ask permission to ask a question, and ask permission to ask permission.

No wonder half the planet is waiting for someone to tell them that they’re allowed to live their dreams!

I mean – I can tell you to go let your freak flag fly. But at the end of the day, you’re the one that has to stand up and grab life by the you know what…

I know that idea might go against some hard core programming.

At the risk of sounding naff, you really do have to give the permission to yourself.

I’m not joking. Because it’s not going to come from anyone else.

How much longer are you going to tolerate the symptoms of waiting around for permission to start living your life?

I know the symptoms all to well, because I had tolerated them for 34 years.

They were all indicators of being out of alignment with myself and ignoring my impulses to grow and contribute. Symptoms included:

  • Being super judgy about someone or something.
  • Watching unhealthy amounts of Youtube.
  • Scrolling Facebook for nothing in particular.
  • Wanting to yell at people on public transport (especially the ones that talk too loud on their phone).
  • Not caring enough about myself to do any physical exercise.
  • Feeling insecure around people who were successful.
  • Telling myself I’ll do something and then not do it, and loose even more trust in myself.
  • Feeling like a wet rag around happy people.

And so on…

Can you relate? Yeah, it wasn’t a pretty picture.

So what changed for me, you ask?

Well – I’d had enough of the pain.

There were 3 questions I had to ask myself before I could even hope to dig myself out of the God – awful hole I’d put myself in.

1. Who do I want to be?

2. What am I willing to struggle for?

3. What things can I do on a daily basis that bring me closer to that picture?

Let me tell you, it’s a humbling process to admit to yourself that your  life sucks and that you did it to yourself.

But those 3 questions gave me hope. And it gave me courage to reach out and try something new. I ended up starting an online business – something I had always wanted to do.

You signed up for the 7 Day Video series about how to start an online business.

Can I ask – did you actually watch it?

I was ready to say ‘yes’ to me. Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to you?

Don’t get me wrong… I was still pretty terrified when I started.

But I figured, I already felt pretty crappy, so what the hell! Time to try something different!

I asked myself those 3 questions. And I gave myself permission.

And I wish that I could give the same permission to you, but I can’t.

So if that’s what you came here looking for, just stop.

Ask yourself the 3 questions now. Really think about it – even send them to me via email or FB.

I got your back and you are not alone xx



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