Is your bookcase full of “shelf help”?


Mine was – for a long time.

You know, the half finished course materials, books and dusty CD’s

filling your bookshelf… waiting for the day that you’ll get around to finishing them?

There are some very wise bookshelves out there in the world!

So, why do we invest in knowledge – and then push it to the side?

Sometimes, the harsh truth is that we don’t have the will to consume it – let alone implement it!

So why is that? We had the 2 seconds of inspiration that it took to BUY the information!

So where did that waft of fairy dust go?

Well, a mentor of mine explained this inaction perfectly to me. He said that, in order to take any action, you must have alignment.

Now, I know that sounds very ‘new agey’ but when you see how I break that down, you will know that it’s true.

There are 3 factors to align when embarking on anything in life.

If anyone of them are missing – you will not follow through on the inspiration/idea or project etc.

1. Head (intellectual buy in)

I can get how an online business structure can be profitable for me.


2. Hand (behavioural effort)

I am willing to do the effort – and create the structures in my life to learn the skills necessary.

3.Heart (emotional buy in)

I feel like I am growing – and I get to help others reach their goals!

When all 3 are aligned, you progress!

What are you putting off in your life at the moment? Ask yourself – which of the 3 points above are missing.

When you determine which point is out of alignment, you will need to make the following decision:

1.Do I get that into alignment with the others


2. Do I stop lying to myself that I will actually do this thing, when I know full well that I won’t?

If creating an online business is something that you, deep down inside, want to learn how to do – what do you need to get in alignment with the idea? If it is more information, you can always reach out to me – I can fill in the blanks for you!

All the best


P.S it took me about 5 months to get my head in alignment about my business. Thankfully, I am part of a community of wonderful online business owners, who helped get my mindset in check!! The people you surround yourself with are everything.

Karena Thomas


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