Success = small, simple and consistent steps.


The following quote is gold.

It spoke to me so much when I read it.

It’s from a book called ‘The Slight Edge”, by Jeff Olson.

“The simple things that lead to success are all easy to do. But they’re also just as easy not to do. It’s easy to save a few bucks a day – and easy not to. It’s easy to do fifteen minutes of cardio a day. Walk a brisk mile or two. Truly easy to do. Or not.


So while anyone could do these successful actions, most won’t, simply because it’s so easy to skip them. And the tragic irony of it is, that doesn’t actually end up making their lives any easier.”

That really hit home.

Since I began my journey within SFM and building my own online business, I started building some small but consistent helpful habits.

I kept it simple.

  • Reading mindset books for 30 min per day on the train.

  • Writing one 200 word blog post per week.

  • Watching one 90 minute marketing webinar per week.

That may not sound particularly impressive. However, over time, my confidence grew. I continued with my habits, but I wanted to learn more.

I continued to keep things simple and consistent.

Within 6 months I’d built 2 websites from scratch, created 3 online marketing classes and launched my own online business.

With no prior experience.

I’m not kidding!

You see, I quickly figured out that in order to be successful, I just needed to get the simple things right.

Luckily for me, within the SFM community of online entrepreneurs, I have access to an accountability group, where we support each other to form supportive habits. So I wasn’t alone.

What small habits are you putting off today, that could make all the difference in the long term?

Just keep it small, simple and consistent. Pretty soon, the compounding effect will kick in – but you have to stick with it long enough to enjoy it!

What would you rather?

The initial discomfort of learning how to create a business you love?

Or the pain of getting to the end of your life, wondering if you could’ve created a business you love if only you’d tried.

Karena xx


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