Thinking of starting an online business?


Does the idea still inspire you?

Or has the spark of curiosity dimmed simply because LIFE got louder with it’s pressures and demands?

Personally – when I first looked into building a business online, my life was totally chaotic.

I was 34, single, unemployed with nowhere to live, and had absolutely no clue where I was heading.

Put it this way – I was damn LOST.

On the outside, I was claiming the whole single, fancy free “bohemian lifestyle”.

But on the inside I was desperate for purpose, focus and connection.

I was SICK TO DEATH of wafting meaninglessly through life, squandering time on unfulfilling things.

So when I signed up for more information about starting an online business, I was lacking in confidence in myself, and plagued with doubts.

I can’t start a business because I’m not qualified

I’m not smart enough.

It’s not the right time to start a business.

Online businesses are scammy.

I’m not good enough with money.

I’ll be ready to start a business when I (fill in the blank here)

However… my back was against a wall. My life was clearly NOT working, and it was apparent to me that I HAD to do something different.

I didn’t see any other choice other than to say ‘yes’ and TRUST.

So I signed up. Nervous, skeptical and burnt out with fear, with NO IDEA what I was doing … I signed up.

Life changed from that point on.

Wanna know why I love my online business?


Starting an online business was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Not only because it is an investment in my future.

Not just because of the time and location freedom it offers.

I love it because of who it calls me to be each day, and the impact I can make on others.

I love it because, for the first time in my life, I feel like I am finally doing something for me – something that helps me discover my potential.

And the biggest lesson for me came very early on in my online business journey.

I always believed I had to do things by myself, for myself.

And now…

I am surrounded by a community of online business owners, who have SHOWN me that I don’t have to do it alone.

I’m not alone!! And neither are you.

It’s natural to be afraid when stepping into the unknown. I just want you to know that if you want to step forward in faith and explore the opportunity of building – I am here to support you.

Email me or Facebook me – I’m always happy to chat 🙂

Karena Thomas


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